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coldplaystills's Journal

Coldplay Stillness
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Welcome to coldplaystills @ LJ! This Livejournal is specifically dedicated to all Coldplay fans, the boys themselves, and their music. They've given the world beautiful music, such as 'Clocks', 'Viva la Vida', and 'Speed of Sound'.

This icon challenge community will revolve around photos of the band, as well as seperate members. Every week, we will be hosting a new challenge where you'll be able to submit, and vote for the week's winners with a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place position...as well as best cropping, best coloring, and a mod's choice.

Thanks a bunch for checking us out, and have fun with it!
This community is maintained by blackmoths
& hopefully will be maintained by a new member soon.

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Know that everything's not lost.
-- Coldplay


-You may not submit older work, everything has to be new and unused, you may not present your work elsewhere until the challenge is completely over. You're to make icons specifically for this community and the challenge you enter.
-There will be 2-3 photos posted in each challenge, and you are only to use those photos, no others.
-You may not vote for yourself, and do not ask friends to vote for you either. You also may not make a new LJ just to vote for yourself. (IP addresses, hello people...I know that trick.)
-Textures/Text/Brushes are all welcome unless mentioned otherwise...no animations.
-100x100px only for each icon, and only use .jpg or .png format.
-If you'd like to use any icon as a userpic, or elsewhere--please hold off until the end of the challenge and until the winners are announced, ASK PERMISSION.

Icons submitted must be presented like so:


In other words, the image present, and the url of the image below it.